Know the Basic Comparison of Forza Vs Need for Speed

The main focus of Need for Speed (NFS) is on reckless driving and the police chase; whereas, the main focus of forza vs need for speed is the smooth driving and driving with a feel with precision. NFS has been making games since the mid and late 90s, whereas, FH4 is half of the age of NFS. Both the games are good in its own prospects but if we compare the games, then we will have to consider the genre and the graphics of them.


Comparison on the basis of Graphics:

  • Need for Speed (NFS) has a surrounding graphics with well-defined roadways, buildings and all other cars in the roads, whereas, Forza Horizon- 4 (FH4) has well defined cars.
  • Forza Horizon- 4 (FH4) shows good car graphics and they appears to be the same in the garage as well as in the roadways, whereas, Need for Speed (NFS) lacks the car graphics.

Comparison on the basis of Genres of Racing:

  • NFS can give you a thrilling experience of the mixture of high speed driving along with a chase to escape from, whereas, FH4 can give you a chilling experience of driving along with the curves of the road.

Many a times, FH4 is loved by most of the players as NFS lacks the reality of driving and also sometimes lacks in giving the essence of driving. The only thing that makes forza vs need for speed more stunning is its ability to give you a chill down your spine; because as you move on with the game, it never fails to keep you away from all the city lights. The thing that NFS missed is the slow moving world which is the main concern of FH4.

It is to be noted that players do not crave for speed all the time. It is very much essential to give the players a feel of driving a real car. Both NFS and FH4 are preferred by its players but Forza games are gaining much attention because of its attention towards detailing and their consistent good quality content. And all the customization are easy to use and understand.